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Testimonials -- What Clients Say .... continued

Over the years, I’ve experienced Jack’s skills both as a system designer and providing solutions to my specific needs - he’s especially creative with all the technology that is available. He can see so many ways to skin the cat and can offer more than one solution. Like many customers, I like to have options.

Jack is highly technical when in discussions about systems, products, solutions, etc. and he’s good at using metaphors to explain technology to a lay person without intimidating or confusing consequences. He has strong drive and is very knowledgeable in his craft - this builds confidence and credibility. This, coupled with his social skills, has created a good long term relationship with me.  Doug, Itasca, IL and Kalamazoo, MI. Audio, video, security, system integration and controls for ‘green’ home, safes.

I have always admired Jack for the wealth of information and knowledge he has acquired. He has willingly shared information that has helped me with many projects during all the 23 years I have known him. He also helped develop my career and I owe him as well as Gillian for my personal growth over the years. Both Gillian and Jack share an extreme relationship in both their business and personal lives that is enviable.

Metronet’s success is due to these two people who believe and walk the same footsteps. I can honestly say this as I have known both of them over twenty years, and it has been an honor.                                     Tim Newman, Owner Infinity Monitoring, Elk Grove Village, IL.

I so appreciate the time and effort you spent acquainting me with the Sonos product. Although I have yet to activate the "Rhapsody" and "Napster" free trials (because of Holiday travels), I have gotten tremendous enjoyment, while only scratching the surface of possibilities, from being able to personalize music choices on "" and "Pandora" as well as the limitless variety of internet radio broadcasts.  Also, since I have never owned an iPod (etc.), I have now begun to more seriously rip music content to my PC in order to take advantage of the music library features of this remarkable Sonos system. 

Just as you previously did by introducing me to the Philips "Pronto" and the TiVo products almost at their inception almost a decade ago, you've once again provided me with a transformational experience which has, yet again, VASTLY improved on my long-standing love affair with music and home theater.   

I have enthusiastically demonstrated my Sonos system (Zone Player 90 & Controller 200) to every "techie" visitor to my home since I installed the system. Each and every one has been amazed by its many capabilities and effortless coordination of diverse aural media.

I can't thank you enough for the professional thoroughness and patience that you showed me when we first talked about the Sonos product (as well in all of our many previous conversations.) It has been a marvelous 10 years together, and I look forward to future exciting innovations becoming part of my life because of your expert understanding of advances in A/V technology.       Roger. Private residence, Okatie, S Carolina