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Integrate your electronic systems into a dynamic, engaging and totally enjoyable experience

Electronic systems can be very frustrating - unconnected, unresponsive, expensive and difficult to use. With Metronet, your experience is different. Gone are the individual controls for your audio, video, lighting, heat & air, security, window treatments and all the other systems that make up a home or business. You’ll be able to access everything from one control - even your tablet or Smartphone. Gone is the maze of wiring for devices and systems that don’t even connect to each other. Metronet creates a carefully designed system that connects them all. We take the various and complicated systems and bring them all together in a coherent, easily controllable whole.

Thousands of companies and individuals in the Chicagoland community, and elsewhere, have already experienced the transformation a SmartHome gives them.

Metronet will create a system that brings your dreams to reality, increases the value of your home and is accessible, wherever you are. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll work with you to provide a system that meets your budget, large or small, is delightfully easy to use and maybe even reduces your costs.

Whether you’re looking for a great music system, beautiful lighting choices or a network that is totally reliable, we are committed to making sure that you are delighted with a system that eliminates any unhappy situations and is easy, efficient and fun.

Based on our 30+ years of experience working with discerning clients in all walks of life, we will create a total solution just for you. The environment you’ve been dreaming about will become a reality.


What we do


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Our reputation for long term satisfaction - We want our clients to be thrilled

After ten years, you have once again provided me with a transformational experience which has VASTLY improved on my longstanding love affair with music and home theater. I can’t thank you enough for your professional thoroughness and patience.”                                    Roger B, Okatie, S Carolina

Your customer service is extraordinary. You and your team are true professionals. Quite a difference from my last experience with another company!                                                               Donna W., Chicago, IL